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This is what some of our clients are saying . . .

Great Experience!

The experience of having my songs formally put on disc through the magic of your skills and equipment was a truly great learning experience. I did not know about all of the intricacies and details when we started my project. So my “schooling” to the final completion of our product was well worth the cost. Your guidance was truly genuine and professional with that special touch of friendship and understanding one develops with clients of like minds.


In past years I have recorded on cello and bass guitar in several studios throughout the Atlanta metro area.  Being a sideman in those circumstances didn’t teach me much. However, when it’s your own material and responsibilities for all decisions it was refreshing that you, Tim, could step in and offer great advice, discuss possibilities, prevent unseen difficulties, straighten out problems I actually created and humbly fix any errors of your own, while rare. I would definitely recommend DoubleSharp Music studio to anyone at whatever level you happen to be...a neophyte like me to the seasoned pro! 2019 May 07 John Harriman


Happy Client!!

My name is Arlen and I’m an aspiring singer-song writer.  I found DoubleSharp Music online because I was looking for the right place to record some music for a short film project.  I don’t think I could have made a better decision!  It was my first studio session recording both voice and piano at the same time.  I was nervous about it but Tim was patient, insightful and professional.  He allowed the session to be a conversation and was open to experimentation in order to help me achieve the sound and performance I was looking for.  Not only did Tim provide his expertise as a musician and engineer during our session, but he gave me a lot of reassurance and was so easy to talk to.  I had a great time at DoubleSharp Music.  I love my tracks.  I can’t wait to record the next project there.

We Couldn’t Be Happier!! 

My family and I are smiling because we just had the most pleasant recording experience at DoubleSharp Music. The centrally located studio was well equipped, comfortable and spacious. I had a vision for my entire family to play a role in this recording. With Tim’s help, that vision became reality. Tim was patient with us, as this was our first studio recording session. He was also knowledgeable and more than willing to share that knowledge. How did it all turn out?  We couldn’t be happier with the final product! Myrna Brown


Two Thumbs Up!!!

Working with Tim to record my piano CD was a wonderful experience. His vast knowledge and expertise will make me come back and tell everyone he is the BEST! DoubleSharp Studios is friendly and professional. Tim helped me create a soothing CD for Cancer patients to enjoy the benefits of Music Therapy. KeysToComfort is given to all patients staying at the Hope Lodge at Emory Hospital. I look forward to working with Tim at DoubleSharp Studios again. Branson Byers 


DoubleSharp Music did an outstanding job recording my grand daughter singing Christmas melodies. Mr Wheeler strived for perfection. I highly recommend him for audio recording. Joe Brosofsky 

Just for FUN!

I wanted to do something special for my husband's 40th birthday. He enjoys the way I sing, so I decided to record an album for fun for him. DoubleSharp Music was the place to go. Very professional atmosphere and I had a super fun time. I was nervous but Tim has a great personality, walked me through the process and allowed me to have fun with my project! Thanks so much Tim, you're awesome and my hunny bunny bear LOVED MY CD!!!!!!!! 


Professional Studio Engineer!

The project I brought to DoubleSharp Music was a very important voice-over, which was used in a multi-media presentation and introduction to my company, ACGI. The quality of the vocalist, combined with the excellence in recording, provided me with a first class audio file, which I was then able to incorporate into my Power Point presentation. The end result was excellent. Working with Tim was a joy, and he is very professional, yet still approachable. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again on my next project. Also, the studio is among one of the nicest I've seen. You can't go wrong with DoubleSharp Music!


One of the best and affordable studios in Atlanta!!

My name is King James, and I am currently recording my third studio album. I choose to use a new studio to do so, and it was one of the best choices I have ever made. Doublesharp has top of the line equipment and one of the best musical minds I have worked with. For anyone looking to record a good album at a good price I would recommend DoubleSharp Recording!


The best in Gwinnett County

Cokia Production has worked with DoubleSharp Music for 12 months, and they have excellent format. THANK YOU!

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