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This is where you will find out about News & Happenings here at DoubleSharp! Check back often, 'cause there's ALWAYS somethin' cookin' in the Soundcave!

Berklee Masters Graduate

Sept. 2020

Tim Wheeler recently finished the Masters in Music Production from Berklee College of Music (Boston)(Sept. 2020). He took online classes for 18 months studying under some of the world's best musicians, producers, and engineers in the world! Tim says "It was a lot of hard work but I learned a ton of information. I have raised my skill-set, talent, ear, knowledge-base and experience much further than where I was! I love it!"

dbx 160A single-channel compressor [modded out]

April 2018

Newly acquired! It's awesome on vocals while tracking!

The Neumann M 147 Tube mic!

Dec. 2017

The Neumann M 147 Tube is a vacuum tube condenser microphone with cardioid characteristic. At the heart of this microphone is the K 47 dual diaphragm capsule, inherited from this model's now legendary predecessors, the U 47 and the M 49.

Another addition to the mic locker!

Nov. 2017

The Electro-Voice RE20 is smooth across a wide spectrum of frequencies, and because it's a Continuously Variable-D mic, it's virtually free of bass-boosting "proximity effect" when used close and without a loss in clarity or definition making it ideal for tight vocals among other things. We use it inside for vocals, acoustic guitar, and kick drums. It's also perfect for our Voice-Over work!

New mic locker addition! Sennheiser MD421 II

Oct. 2017

The MD 421 II is one of the best-known microphones in the world! Its ability to handle high pressure levels makes it a natural for guitars and drums.

AKG C414 XLII/ST Matched Pair

Oct. 2017

Recently purchased these AKG C414 XLII stereo matched pair of condenser mics. They are a matched pair from the manufacturer and have been selected from thousands of individual microphones and hand tested for sensitivity characteristics that lie within 1 dB of one another throughout the range of 300 Hz to 8 kHz in cardioid mode. These are NICE! I love them!!

Great River MP-2NV 2-Channel mic preamp

Oct. 2017

The Great River preamplifier (Mercenary Edition) takes the classic circuitry and vintage sound of the 1073 module to a new level of modern sonic fidelity. Classic 70s Vintage British Circuit styling. Accuracy, transparency, and vintage "tuning" amplify this design goal. The circuitry allows for brilliant transformer saturation or the the soft distortions of a single-ended amplifier. Extreme pushing of the unit will augment the sound of electric guitars, sound modules and drums to add vitality, presence and real punch.

Audient ASP880 8-Channel mic preamp

Sept. 2017

Eight of Audient's acclaimed Class A console mic pres (with variable-input impedance)

State-of-the-art high-end Burr Brown AD Converters

Two Channels of Class A discrete JFET DI instrument inputs

Line inputs

Variable highpass filters

Insert points (to insert EQ's and/or compressors between the pres and the converters)

Dangerous Music D-Box & Behringer Powerplay

Feb. 2017

Two more very important (and NICE) additions to DoubleSharp studio: Dangerous Music D-Box for 8 channels of analog summing and high def monitoring with incredible DA converters. And Behringers Powerplay 16 channel foldback distribution unit with 3 mixers for the talent. They can customize the mix they hear in their headphones.

2nd 192 I/O Interface

Jan. 2017

We added another Avid Pro Tools 192 HD I/O Interface. It now gives us 24 inputs, 24 outputs.

Great River EQ-2NV (Mercenary Edition) 2-Channel EQ

Jan. 2017

New in our rack is the Great River EQ-2NV (Mercenary Edition) 2-Channel EQ. [2nd down from top in pic] It has 4 bands with a hi pass filter. The EQ-2NV greatly modernizes the classic British “1081/1083”-type design. This digitally controlled analog parametric EQ offers similar topology to vintage 1081/1083 models, but with welcome improvements. Newly designed Class-A discrete single-ended amplifiers and true inductor/capacitor (L/C) circuitry add greater clarity and dynamic range to the musicality of the vintage-era models. The EQ-2NV also has a unique discrete high-current Class-A balanced output stage.

It sounds great on the grand piano, vocals, bass, and guitars! We're happy with our new addition!

TK BC1-S Stereo Buss Compressor (top unit)

Nov. 2016

And the coup-de-gras! The TK Analog Stereo Bus Compressor! It offers classic smooth bus compression that "glues" the mix together. The BC1-S gives the signal transparent, clear compression, strengthening the mix with punch and unity. And it has a host of handy tools such as sidechain filtering, onboard wet/dry signal blending, and stepped knobs for easy recall of my settings.

It's subtle, but boy, oh boy, is it awesome! And noticeable. It gives my mixes that warm analog sound!

Pair of dbx 166XL Compressors (Modded)

Nov. 2016

I bought a pair of dbx 166 XL compressor/limiter/gates. They are both 2 channels and can run in stereo or multiple mono. I modded one of them out. I did a vca upgrade that softens the knee when compressing and delivers lower artifacts when compressing heavy. I did a Germanium Limiter modification that smooths out the distortion considerably when limiting, adding some cool Germanium limiter Mojo. It's great for drums. And then I put in Burr Brown inputs and outputs and did a PSU mod which includes a new Power transformer for better current delivery.


All this increases the headroom, widens the frequency response and increases the 3-d image. The PSU mod lowers overall noise in the dbx while making it larger and fuller. I love it!

Modded ART PRO VLA Vactrol tube leveling amplifier (bottom unit)

Nov. 2016

The ART Pro-VLA is a 2-channel Leveling Amplifier/Compressor with Optical Compression, Tube Gain Stage, and Mastering-quality Audio Path. I made some modifications to the unit: 

On this unit I have modified the input, output and buffer stages with High performance Burr Brown opamps for optimum fidelity. Coupling and de-coupling is also performed throughout the circuit using premium Panasonic parts for better frequency response, lower noise, longer life and more musicality. The Vactrol is changed and the Tube plate voltage is increased to an acceptable level for the circuit. Low noise NOS Vintage Tubes are installed as a finishing touch. It has a lot of dynamic range and big bottom end. Plus I added Cinemag output transformers.

All this increases the headroom of the unit, widens the frequency response, lowers the noise and increases the detail of the three dimensional image. It also increases the speed of the attack and release times making these cool compressors useable on a broader range of applications. What I end up with is a Boutique sounding Tube Opto compressor that excels! It sounds great on bass, vocals, and even the mix bus.

Midas XL48 8 channel mic pre

Nov. 2016

So I got rid of the Focusrite and bought something I feel is a little more suited for my studio setup. The 8 channel Midas preamp is really nice. It's clean, has great converters, with tons of I/O capability. It has award-winning XL4 analogue microphone preamplifiers. It also has D-sub connectors which allow me to connect to the 192 HD. Love it!

Teaching at the Art Institute of Atlanta

Jan. 11, 2016

I have started teaching at the Art Institute of Atlanta. I am teaching advanced music theory and Intro. to the DAW - Pro Tools. Lots of fun! And also lots of work!

Upgrade to Pro Tools 12 HD and new mac pro

March, 2016

Finally upgraded to Pro Tools 12 HD with the 192 I/O and the HD native interface. It's awesome - it's also something I have been wanting to do for a long time! The converters in the 192 are really nice! The current setup has a lot of I/O possibilities - 8 analog inputs, 8 digital inputs, 2 channels of ADAT, 8 channels of optical input, and 8 channels of analog output. I am going to be getting some new sound cards to install which will double all this!

New addition to our mic locker!

May 21, 2015

This mic from Lauten - the Atlantis FC-387 large-diaphragm FET Condenser Microphone - is our new addition of mics. It's sweet! It's being compared to the Neumann U 87 (a $3,600 mic)! We have already tested it on grand piano, vocals, classical guitar, and electric guitar (w/ country, jazz and blues styles). When we ran it through the Slate Fox using the Neve Vintage setting, It sounded warm, intimate, clean, and detailed. We LOVE IT so far and are looking forward to using it on clients this weekend!

Judging Vocal Competition

May 3, 2015

Yours truly was asked to judge a vocal competition. DoubleSharp Recording offered 3 hours of FREE recording time to the winner! This was for or Youth Business University, which is fulfilling a vital role bringing up the next generation of business leaders.

WSB TV (Channel 2 Atlanta) Air Date

April 2, 2015

So . . . here is the 4+ min. clip of when WSB TV (Channel 2 Atlanta) was out at my studio that aired this last weekend. The segment was about Healthy Notions Kids. I am happy to donate my time and talent to this great cause by mixing 2 songs for them.

WSB-TV filming

March 23, 2015

WSB-TV Channel 2 came out to DoubleSharp Music studio today to film a news segment. They are running a story on a client of mine Healthy Notions Kids. Since I am involved with mixing the songs for an upcoming Healthy Notions project, they shot it at the studio and interviewed us. It airs this weekend on WSB channel 2, 'People 2 People' with Myrna Brown (Sat. 5:30 a.m. and Sun. 12.30 p.m.). DoubleSharp Music aligns with clients such as Healthy Notions to help them achieve their artistic vision through strong connections and commitment to community.

Judging piano competition

March 7, 2015

Tim Wheeler judged a piano competition for the Roswell Federated Auditions. He heard 35 piano students of all ages through grade school throughout the day. Each student was essentially "competing" with themselves for a grade, playing two memorized pieces. Some of the more advanced older kids were playing pieces on the likes of Beethoven sonatas and Chopin preludes. 

New Blog

January, 2015

Tim Wheeler has started a new blog! It is about music creation, recording and mixing. Check it out! You can click on the link below or on the orange Blogger button at the top of any page! 

Judging Georgia Battle of the Bands

June 26, 2014

Tim Wheeler has been selected to be one of five finalist judges for the Georgia Battle of the Bands on June 26 at the Crazy Bull in Macon, Ga. The competition started with several hundred bands and they are now down to the last 8 in the final round.

Kevin Bond Interview

March 15, 2013

Here's the interview with Gold record producer Kevin Bond (edited for this website). Filmed and produced by David Weeks.

New mic preamp

March 13, 2013

New piece of gear!! The new Slate Fox Quadtone 2-channel mic pre!! It is SWEET!! We can get from classic Neve 1073-style vintage tone to ultra-clean modern sparkle. It's going to take guitars, drums and vocals to the next level!

Vimeo Interview with Kevin Bond

March 4, 2013

Check out the interview with Grammy Award winner Kevin Bond, given by Tim Wheeler at DoubleSharp.


Jan. 15, 2013

DoubleSharp Recording had an increase of 40% in business last year for 2012!!  We're growing fast!!

T.V. Show Interview

Dec. 12, 2012

Grammy Award Winning Record Producer Kevin Bond was in the house!  He was filming for a T.V. show and guess who got to interview him! That's right, folks - Tim Wheeler!  It will air on Praise Break on the NRB Network.  Stay tuned for air date.

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