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Creating and using templates in Pro Tools 8

Even though Pro Tools offers QuickStart session templates, you may choose to do what I do, which is create your very own unique template to start a session. I have created quite a few “job-specific” templates like: song-writing, audio+midi, rock band, jazz band, basic midi, etc. Each of these templates have features that are unique for each of these session setups.There are two different ways to create a template: 1) Start a new session, set it up how you would like, save and close. On a mac system, after creating the session and closing it, go to that session file using the Finder window. Select the file, and type ‘Command+i’. That’s the command we use for ‘information’ on the folder or file. On the dialogue box that comes up select the box for ‘Stationary Pad’. Then command+w to close the window. It is now a template. Next time you select it a dialogue box comes up asking if you want to edit the template or use it as a new session. But, there is now an easier way (which was not in place prior to pro tools 8 I think). 2) Start a new session, set it up as you would like. BEFORE closing, select File>Save As Template. It will give you a choice to either save it in a QuickStart category or in another folder of your choosing. I have a specific folder labeled ‘Templates’. This is a fairly quick way to take care of things. If you need to make changes to the template, simply open up the session, make the changes, and follow the same setup for saving it as a Template. Use the same name and it will overwrite the old version. When I start a new session I always go to my Templates folder, find the one that is closest to what I will need, open it, and save it under a new name under a new folder for my new session. It saves a lot of time, I have a session that has 95% of what I need, and I can start recording sooner! Hey! Make it a great day! Tim

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