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Intro and Welcome

Hi guys and gals! As I think about topics to talk about, I think back on my own path which began just over 10 years ago (at least for the recording studio). I was always in bands and was on the “other side” of the glass (the “talent”). Now I’m on “this side” (the engineer). And honestly, when I started my recording studio, I didn’t have a clue!! Everything I have learned, I have learned on my own through reading, tutorials, books, talking with friends in the business, trial and error, and lots and lots of hard work! I work on a mac G5 running Pro Tools. But, really, it doesn’t matter your DAW of choice. What matters is how you do things. Some of what I cover will be specific for pro tools users, but many things will be on song-writing, producing, mixing, etc. As an example, I remember how intimidated I was with the ‘Preferences’ setting (under ‘Setup’) in pro tools. I didn’t go in there for the first 5 years! But now, I’m in there all the time making custom settings that help me do my job easier! And this is a topic I will be covering in a blog later. And – I will always try to keep these short and to the point. I will not “ramble”. And remember . . . . make it a great day! Tim

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